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Planning on getting a double stroller for your little ones without breaking your bank?

We agree it could be hard to come by a product that fulfills all your needs and lasts for a good while as well. You are not alone.

Well, worry no more as we have looked at over 55 double strollers to bring you 10 of the best-reviewed and top-rated ones. These strollers include all the essentials, and more, to make a worthwhile and satisfying experience.

With the ever-growing market in the child care space, it is very hard to come by a stroller that delivers quality at a low price.

But what’s the good news?

To make things relatively easy to understand, we have briefly gone over quality, performance, and carrying capacity for all these strollers for twins.

To start off, here is some advice for you; always look for the maximum weight a double stroller can carry. a good weight carrying capacity is 50 to 100 lbs.

With that said, you would want to know what we have compiled for you in the most reader-friendly way possible.

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:

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Parenting Experts Opinions of the best double strollers


Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller

In the market for a double stroller that looks clean and has a low profile?

You have arrived at the right place as Graco has just the right solution for you. Their Ready2Grow LX double stroller has 2 riding options for 2 children from infant to youth age. The rear seat has a removable face time window that allows you to interact with your little one. The automatic lock, large storage basket, and snack tray all make it easy and convenient to work with your baby and store the basic necessities as you please.

The front swivel wheels move smoothly thereby enabling a bump-free ride for your little ones. The stroller has 3 rest areas that are the front seat, bench seat, and the standing platform, each of which is capable of supporting 50 lbs which is impressive. The seats have 3 and 5 point harness protection for your babies and the stroller can be easily washed with soap and warm water.

The seat is removable so you can wash it easily when needed. The 80% polyester and 20% cotton construction allow for a rugged and strong base while still keeping the comfort and quality that your babies deserve.

The removable child tray holds 2 cups/bottles as well as snacks. Overall, this one is easily a no brainer for you.


  • 50 lbs carrying capacity
  • Storage for snacks and basic necessities
  • 3 and 5 point harness safety
  • Removable seat and back window for interaction with your baby


  • Could have better customer service
Latest deal: Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

Baby Trend brings you a dual-tone nice looking double stroller for your twins. It comes in a variety of other colorways as well so you could choose and decide to your heart’s content. Some of these color options are carbon, onyx, optic aqua, and optic red. The build quality is top-notch as the frame is made out of steel. This will provide your double stroller with longevity and durability. The robust nature allows you to take it out as you deem fit. There is a front seat, a rear seat, and a standing platform. The carrying capacity for each of them is 40 lbs which is a collective impressive number of 120 lbs. The rear seat is removable which is a handy feature to have as you can leave it home and the double stroller becomes the traditional sit n stand type. It also accepts 2 infant car seats that are not included in the package but sold separately. You get a large basket for storage of your essentials for the ride and the child tray is removable with a cup holder. The stroller is easy to maintain and wash. Use warm water and soap to wash it. You are looking at a great option for your twins.


  • Steel construction
  • Durable and strong
  • Large basket
  • Easy to wash


  • Cargo net difficult to access

Latest deal: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller


Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend Light Weight Double Stroller

Valco Baby has a rather interesting approach to double strollers for your twins. The stroller has seating side by side instead of one in front of the other. It also comes in a variety of different colors that are night black, charcoal, ash black, and denim. This allows you to have what suits your style best. Build quality is what makes the best double stroller and Valco did not compromise on that. The construction is solid and will last you a long while without breaking apart. The double stroller is also super lightweight which means it is very easy to carry around when you go on trips or travel in general. It is Disney approved and can support twins up to 26 lbs each. The one-hand compact hold can easily fold with auto-lock making things easy and convenient for you. The seats recline separately so your baby can have the best angle perfect for his or her back. The seats are also super comfortable and will not cause your babies any problems. The Extra canopy coverage and adjustable handle and footrest are just added bonuses that put a smile on your face. Front napper bars are included in the package and overall, this one is a major win!


  • Super lightweight
  • Durable and strong
  • Extra canopy coverage
  • Adjustable handle and footrest


  • Could ride smoother
Latest deal: Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend


BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

BOB Gear Revolution is a three-wheel double stroller that looks fancy and sleek at the same time. The three-wheel look gives it a unique vibe and it stands out from the rest. the Seats are side by side instead of one after the other. Comes in 2 different color tones that are graphite black and lunar black that vary in the design pattern. The construction and build quality on this one is up there as the frame is made from Poly and Dobby weave fabrics that are built to last you a long while without breaking down. The suspension system on this one is ultra-smooth. Combined with the inflated tires, you get a smooth and bump-free riding experience for your kids. The adjustable handlebar creates the perfect fit for parents of all heights and the no-rethread harness design for easy adjustment is also on board. It is also compatible with most major brand car seats and the adapter is sold separately. The ultra-padded compression seats provide comfort and also feature infinite recline. 6 storage pockets and extra-large cargo are the added bonuses you get. Overall, this one is a great choice.


  • Durable and well made
  • Ultra padded compression seats
  • 6 storage pockets
  • Different color options


  • Could have adapter included
Latest deal: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie


Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini is a great double stroller for your twins that is robust and well made. It is built to last and will see you for a long time without breaking. There are different color styles to pick from as well if you are feeling creative. These are black, ember, jet, mystic, slate, and steel grey to name a few. You can truly make this your own with the color options you get. The side by side seating style makes it stand out from the rest and the air rubber tires with a smooth suspension installed to make sure your babies get the smoothest ride possible. The stroller folds quickly and tightly. It is also super easy to carry thereby making it convenient to take with you anywhere you go. The adjustable handlebar allows for a parent of any height to comfortably grip the stroller and the hand brake makes it easy to steer. The seats are comfortable and soft for the babies to lay down in them without issues. The seats also recline to a near-flat position so the babies can go to sleep peacefully. The canopies have full UV coverage which means your children will be protected from the harmful UV rays. The extra-large storage basket provides easy front and rear access. It is also super easy to clean and maintain. Overall, this one is a great option.


  • Durable and well made
  • Near flat recline
  • UV protection
  • Smooth suspension and inflated tires


  • Could be easier to fold down
Latest deal: Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2


Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Joovy has found an amazing solution to all your double stroller needs with their ultralight graphite stroller. The stroller comes in a variety of different colors like black, citron, grey, turq, and red. The frame has an aluminum build which means you don’t have to worry about longevity and build quality. It will last you a good long while without breaking or giving in to pressure. They also claim that it is the lightest weight, most maneuverable double stroller available. This enables it to be carried anywhere with ease and comfort. Speaking of comfort, the seats are super soft and comfy for the baby to lay down for hours on end. The 2-year warranty is twice as long as the usual sit n stand warranty you typically get with double strollers. It includes a parent organizer and a universal car seat adapter that fits all major brands. The canopy protects the child from any aerial threat.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Different color options
  • Car seat adapter included
  • Parent organizer included


  • Struggles to fit in a small car

Latest deal: Joovy Caboose Ultralight


Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller

Jeep Destination has a nice and elegant looking double stroller for your twins that will brighten up their mood and your day. The all-black design gives it class with subtle accents of white that allow it to stand out from the rest. The build quality is also top-notch as the frame is made from aluminum and will last you a good long while without breaking or giving in. Each seat easily holds up to 40 lbs which means you will have no problem carrying your kids. It is also relatively lightweight which means you can carry it around easily and without any issues. The 7-inch swivel lock front wheels and 10 inch back wheels work like a charm on any pavement, giving your children the most comfortable sleep ever. Speaking of comfort, the seats are also well made and soft for long riding sessions. The sit n stand situation is also great on this one and it is also very easy to maintain and clean. You don’t have to worry about it catching any corrosion any time soon. Overall, this one has a sleek design and will deliver on all your stroller needs.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable and strong
  • Smooth wheels
  • Can carry up to 80 lbs


  • Could have an included seat adapter

Latest deal: Jeep Destination Ultralight Side by Side


Bumbleride Indie Twin All Terrain Stroller

Bumbleride has a cute double stroller for your babies that looks beautiful and elegant at the same time. The peaceful vibes it gives off are amazing. The color options available to you are dawn grey mint, maritime blue, and tourmaline wave. That’s right, you can customize the color on this one as you please. The frame of the stroller is made from aluminum which is a strong and durable material. The build quality is high and it will last you a good long while without causing problems. It will also not corrode which means you can wash it easily without any issues. The stroller is also lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. The ultrasoft texture in each seat is very comfortable and allows for a peaceful sleeping experience. The suspension is also very smooth and will go over all bumpy terrains without any issue. It also includes a parent wrist strap, secure foot brake, and a 5 point breakaway harness. Overall, you will absolutely adore what you get. No infant car seat adapter included.


  • Aluminum build
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Smooth suspension
  • Comfortable and cozy for the baby


  • No infant car seat adapter included
Latest deal: Bumbleride Indie Twin


Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra

Baby Trend brings you their unique double stroller that definitely stands out from the rest in terms of its functionality and design. The stroller features a one after the other seat design and comes in an all-black and grey colorway. You have another color option as well called millennium that adds a little red accent into the mix. The build quality of the stroller is very high as it is made from strong materials that will last you a long time without breaking. The large removable shade canopy shields your little ones from the direct sun rays. The large basket included has a lot of space for you to keep your essentials on hand at all times. The seat has a comfortable and soft feel which allows your baby to sleep comfortably and peacefully. The stroller is lightweight which makes it easy to carry. It is also easily foldable which makes it easy to fit into small places. It accepts an infant car seat but that is sold separately. Front and rear seats along with a rear standing platform give kids a lot of room for resting. Overall, this one is a show stopper.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strong and well built
  • Large space for storage
  • Canopy for protection


  • Shoulder straps could be more secure

Latest deal: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra


Thule Urban Glide 2

Thule Urban Glide 2 is a premium offering in the double stroller space and has definitely earned its spot in the big leagues. The stroller does wonders when it comes to traveling with your baby but let’s talk about the style first. The design is elegant and modern. You will feel like a pro strolling this one as it allows you to choose from various different color options like black on black, cypress green, dark shadow, grey melange, jet black, majolica blue, mars, and thule blue. As you can see, there are a lot of options to pick from but it doesn’t end there. The build quality on this one is top-notch. You will absolutely love how it feels while walking. The frame is built from aluminum and will last you a very long time without feeling the need to change. It can take a good beating and can also go through tough terrains without waking the baby. The swivel front wheel you get with this one locks into place and provides a smooth uninterrupted experience. The suspension and chassis mechanics on this one feel heavenly. The wheels turn perfectly. The seats for the babies are also super soft and plush. They will sleep comfortably and feel the best when they wake up. It also features a one-handed compact fold which makes it super portable to travel. Now it can fit in small places and is also super lightweight for ease of carrying. The integrated twist hand brakes provide precise control when you are institutions like going down a hill. The padded seats have 5 point safety harness for the baby and the stroller is super easy to maintain and clean. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it as it will not catch any rust whatsoever. Overall, this one is an amazing offer for your consideration.


  • Ultra-smooth suspension and steering
  • Comfortable seating for the babies
  • Amazing build quality
  • Portable and easily foldable


  • Could be less expensive
Latest deal: Thule Urban Glide 2


BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution is making big strides in the double stroller market with their extremely well made and stylish double stroller. This one looks graceful and screams class. You will look like an absolute boss walking down the street with it. The style is unique and stands out from the rest in interesting ways. Starting with the style, you have a side by side design made to fit both your twins together. The colorway options you get here are graphite black and lunar black. The build quality is also high as it is built to last. The canvas material will provide great durability and longevity. The scrolling mechanism is smooth and does not pose any issues while on hard terrain. The suspension is well made and will feel like a walk in the park, literally! The seating for the babies is also extra plush and comfortable so you don’t worry about their comfort. The adjustable handlebars are a blessing as they allow parents of all heights to adjust to the stroller. You get a big basket and pockets for extra space. The stroller is lightweight and super easy to move around with. It can easily support 50 lbs per seat that are more than enough for two babies. Overall, this one is a fine option for you to consider.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Well made and durable
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Extra space for storage


  • Need adapters for the car seats
Latest deal: Thule Urban Glide 2


Graco DuoGlider

Graco is back yet again with their DuoGlider and ready more than ever now. The double stroller they have to offer now has a very appealing price tag and does a great job at strolling your twins to their heart’s content. The design is simple and elegant. It keeps the vibes happy and graceful The grey and black look is sleek and provides a very low profile while strolling. The build quality is decent for the price and will last you a good while without feeling the need to change. It is durable and the two seats can hold 40 lbs each. Speaking of seats, they are super comfortable and provide your babies with the softest, plush, and most satisfying sleep ever. The suspension is also soft and smooth, allowing you to take the stroller out on a brought terrain without issues. The two seats have the reclining feature and also offer a canopy for your babies. This protects them from the harmful rays of the sun. The extra-large storage basket enables you to store more and carry more. It is also super lightweight so very easy to carry around. The maintenance is also a breeze as it will pose no issue while cleaning. Overall, this one is a killer deal especially for the price tag you get with it.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Extra storage space
  • Canopy on each side
  • Inexpensive


  • Could include car seat

Latest deal: Graco DuoGlider

What to look for when buying a double stroller

Quality: Quality is a huge aspect when it comes to double strollers as it has to carry the weight of not one but two babies. A good quality frame is sturdy and can withstand high pressure. It is well built and should you a long while before feeling the need to change. Some of the good quality frames are made from stainless steel, aluminum, and alloy. These frames do not allow any corrosion to take place so you can easily wash them without thinking twice. Good quality strollers also have plush and desirable seats for your babies to rest comfortably.

Price: Price is the main point that makes or breaks a product. It needs to be just right for the buyer or they won’t buy. There are many double strollers in the market that will ask for outrageous prices that are not deserved. A good price tag will cover most of the basic needs for a double stroller and provide great quality at them at the same time. All other features after that are added bonuses that are welcomed. Don’t get fooled by many manufacturers when they try to sell you things for a very high price and don’t even deliver quality which should be one of the basic things.

Comfort: The double stroller is more important for your two little hearts than it is for you. Hence, the comfort should never be compromised on a stroller. The baby must-have comfortable and plush seats to rest on without feeling restless. It should also have soft sides so that the babies don’t hurt themselves while sleeping or laying down. Comfort is an aspect one could never compromise on especially when it comes to little kids. A nice foam inside the seats would do the trick yet many manufacturers cheap out on such materials. Thankfully, all the products we reviewed for you have a great comfort level.

Suspension: Suspension plays one of the most crucial roles when it comes to double strollers. As the main chassis, it must be strong and should also be able to take a beating at any time. A good suspension will run smooth over every bump in the roam and will not wake your baby up from a peaceful nap. The suspension also plays a vital role in keeping your knees in good health as you are connected to the stroller as you take your baby on a stroll in the park. A nice suspension will see you through a very long time without any problems whatsoever.

Carrying Capacity: When it comes to carrying capacity, there are two things at play here. One is the storage offered by the double stroller and the other is the weight the stroller can support while strolling. Starting with the storage, a good double stroller will have sufficient room to carry your essentials when you are out on a stroll with your little ones. The storage must be roomy and should also have nice headspace. Good weight carrying capacity is around 60 to 70 lbs, maybe even more. And it shows when you have to carry more than one baby with you. The stroller should not show any bends and walk in a smooth fashion with two babies.

How we chose our best double strollers?

We did our research so you don’t have to, and went over 55 strollers to find the best we could find for you. You will not be disappointed at all and will love every second of them. They all cater to your and your babies in the best ways possible, keeping in mind comfort, quality, and smooth ride. You will feel care-free and stress-free with these products as they will get the job done well and last you a long while.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need a stroller that accepts two infant car seats?

Yes, do this if you have twins.

Do I want to go jogging with my double stroller?

This greatly depends on the double stroller. If your stroller has two infant car seat support then you can go jogging with it.

Do I want side by side or stadium-style seating?

Some infants do well with one while others do well with the other. It greatly depends on what your babies prefer. Either one can work for you also.

Will a double stroller fit inside a small car?

This very much depends on the size of the stroller but typically, a double stroller would not fit inside a small car.

What’s the fold like?

An easy fold would make your life easy! So, go for a stroller that does the job well with minimal effort on your end.

What's the best stroller for infants and toddlers?

We have carefully looked at the double strollers we reviewed for you today and have brought you some of the best ones you will find online. Our best pick for an infant would be the Jeep Destination and Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite double strollers as they offer a great build quality as well as a smooth ride that will not wake your infants up from their precious sleep. No one wants their infants to be in a disturbed state where their necks have aches in them so, going with these options would be great for you.

For toddlers, our best pick would be the Britax B-lively and Valco Baby as they paid special attention to their build material and also included features like sit n stand and UV protection. These are essential for all toddlers as the harmful UV rays from the sun could be dangerous for the kids. Other features like handlebar adjustment and foot breaks are also available on these strollers as they will be a blessing in disguise when you need them.

All of the double strollers mentioned above will do an amazing job providing a peaceful journey for your little ones.

What's the best double stroller?

All do a fantastic job at strolling your twins but if we had to go with one, we would choose the Baby Trend Sit n Stand because it is super lightweight and portable which is a huge thing as well all know the struggle of trying to fit the strollers in our cars. Not only do these features make it easy to carry but also allow you to manage your space better while traveling. Every likes keeping their stuff organized and this stroller will help achieve just that.

On top of this are features like large space for storage and canopy for protection. We all value a spacious compartment in the strollers as they allow us to carry our absolute essentials inside them. You never know when your baby may grow hungry or wants a diaper change. So, it is always great to have space to work with. Also, the canopy provides protection for the baby from aerial threats like birds and insects. UV rays are also blocked which is an added bonus with this one.

Are double strollers worth it?

Having a baby is without a doubt a blessing to have. Having two is even more joy. But carrying them could be hard. And we want the best comfort for them too. So, investing in a double baby stroller is a great move. Yes! investment! Because you would really start to appreciate how much effort and time they would save you. Not to mention all the worries that are removed when you have a double stroller.


Starting a family and having children takes a lot of responsibility and especially cash funds. electrical bills, medical expenses, school fees are some of the major aspects of a family you need to think about. Purchasing a double stroller will save you money in the sense that when other children are born, they can use the same stroller and can even ride on it at the same time. It saves you the cost of getting two separate single strollers and will also last you a good long while. If you get one from the ones we have featured today, you will be happy for a very long time with your purchase.


We all have a lot of house chores and errands to work out on a daily basis in the house. A double stroller will save you the time it would take to take your babies out one by one. You will be done with your walks in a quick and fun fashion. You can enjoy more with both your children at the same time and get back to your busy routine without wasting any. You would deplete your energy less and use it more efficiently this way.

Hassle-free Travel:

You might have to run many errands on a daily basis. Who doesn’t have to do that? And sometimes it so happens that you have to make an arrangement for the guests or get some groceries and there is no nanny to look after the children back home. Well, that issue will also be solved by using a double stroller as you can take them with you! Not only will it remove your worries of leaving them home alone, but you will also be surprised how easy a double stroller makes it for you.

A wide array of style and versatility:

A double stroller offers various styles for you to pick from. Some have the stadium seating arrangement while others have the side by side seating design. You can really pick which one suits you best. But it does not stop at that as you can pick from different colorways and styles as well. There are other features like a strong build and a lightweight make that will help make you live a more portable and care-free life.

Strong and long-lasting:

The double strollers we picked for you today are strong and long-lasting. You will not feel the need to change them any time soon. They will last you a good long while and make it through all types of terrains. These strollers are built to last with materials like aluminum and stainless steel that bring longevity and durability to your product. They are sturdy enough to support the weight of two babies without any issue.

What double stroller folds up the smallest?

Jeep Destination and Baby Trend, two of the best strollers we reviewed today, both fold up easily into a compact lightweight design that is super easy to carry around and fits into smaller places without any issues as well. You will not have a problem fitting them anywhere and you can forget about it once it’s stored. It will provide you with much more space inside your car for even more stuff to be packed. No more worrying about space in the car or the house.

Do you need a double stroller?

A double stroller can alleviate problems like lack of convenience, little space for storage, and discomfort for the baby. The ones we reviewed today tackle all these issues in an amazing way, dealing with all of them without compromising quality whatsoever. You would need a double stroller because it will help you carry more than one of your babies at once and also make the ride worthwhile and joyful for both you and the babies. Their lightweight nature is something you will start to appreciate over time when your knees will thank you. The compactness will also save you a lot of space and therefore, worry. You would definitely need a double stroller with two babies and we have just made it super easy for you to choose and pick the best one.

What are the types of double strollers?

There are two types of double strollers. These are the stadium-style seating type and the side by side seating type.

The stadium type has the seats one after the other which gives you quick and easy access to the baby in the back seat. It has a slimmer look to it as well, as now there is less width to the stroller.

The side by side type has more width to it but makes it super easy to stroll. It also gives you access to both your babies at the same time. You don’t have to stop and come around to check on the baby in the front, as was the case with the stadium-seating type.


Today we looked at some of the best strollers money can buy. These strollers don’t break your bank and also come with quality control so you don’t have to worry later on. Some even have features like foldability and included infant car seats. The quality was top-notch, the comfort was not compromised on and the build was unique and stood out in an amazing way. You also get so many color options to pick from and truly have a customized buying experience. No manufacturer compromised on their product and made sure you get the best of everything they have to offer.

You will absolutely love what you get here and your babies would be even happier. So, take your babies out for a stroll in one of these strollers and you will thank us. It will save you years of effort and save your back from cramping as well. Self-care and care for the baby is our first priority so we make it a point to never skimp on quality. Go out and explore with your little ones!


Karyn Allen

Karyn Allen

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Karyn has 4 kids of her own and has dealt with everything from the latest tech to mum hacks. When it comes to finding the right tools for the job, Karyn is your girl. She has spent countless hours behind strollers and she is your go-to source for finding the perfect throne-with-wheels for your little one.