Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on December 16, 2020

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Buying a stroller can be, in general, an easy task, but choosing the perfect one for your baby can be quite an adventure.

There are lots of models and price tags out there and everybody has different opinions about this topic, depending on their preferences and budget.

Before buying a stroller, you need to really inform yourself about this subject and create a straight list of what you want and what you don’t want in a stroller.

This way, your search will be simpler.

Also, you need to compare the products and to be really careful at the quality and the price of the stroller.

The last thing you need is to pay double for a cheap quality stroller. Check the most known brands and search through their offers, you will surely find a perfect match for you.

Also, be really careful at the stroller’s weight – you will need a lightweight one, especially if you live in a flat.

This article will reveal 3 of the best lightweight jogging strollers on the market.

These strollers are affordable and quality products that will surely help you make a decision. Also, this article will help you understand what to look for when buying a stroller. So let us begin:

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:

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Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller Reviews


Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Being a parent is not an easy job, but this Baby Jogger City Stroller will be your best friend in the baby’s first years. This stroller is a compact, lightweight, and easy to use product, specially created for busy parents who live in an urban, busy city. This stroller will be a lifesaver.

Weighing just 16,8 pounds, this stroller will be the perfect choice for a busy and always full city. Because of its compact and unique design, this item can be easily handled, carried and it would be the perfect sidekick for your baby and for you. Also, the interior of this stroller will make your kid feel comfortable, secure, and always ready to smile. The new technology permits the stroller to fold quickly, within one move. Also, this item can easily become a car seat for your baby – you will only need the special stroller adapter for the car seat.

With this product, you won’t have to worry about sunny or windy days, because it has a special UV canopy that will protect your little one every day. It also has a specially designed window with a magnetic closure for you to check whenever you want on your baby. The wheels of this stroller are the EVA 8” model, with a lockable tread and suspensions. You will surely enjoy every ride with this simple and compact jogging stroller.


  • Lightweight, nimble, and easy to use
  • Comfortable padded seat for your baby
  • Forever air rubber tires
  • Adjustable handlebar to find a perfect position


  • Can’t stand the stroller when folded
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Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

This baby jogging stroller is a bit larger than the previous one, but you don’t have to worry about its weight. This stroller is compact, simple to use, and really strong. The item has 2 large wheels in the back for an extra “free-effort” movement for the stroller.

The wheels have a special locking device for your baby to be secure and also, suspensions, for your child’s comfort and relaxation. Your born miracle can easily check out the world around him or he can just sit back and relax in this big and comfy stroller. It also can be transformed very easily in a car seat, because of its multi-angle positions and its flexibility.

This item is equipped with 2 cup holders and also, a special compartment for storage. It has a cup holder even for the little one and a child tray for a more secure holding. The product has an ergonomic shape, specially designed for your baby to sit in a correct position. Also, the rubber shaped handle will give you a smooth and easy pushing of the stroller.

Because of its big wheels, you can walk your baby anywhere: neighborhood, parks, zoos, paved paths, countryside, and even the beach. This stroller is really adaptable and you won’t even have to worry about the windy or sunny days: the item has a special canopy which will protect your child. You and your baby will be just delighted with this jogging stroller.


  • Larger wheels that don’t get stuck
  • Front swivel wheel for added agility
  • Parent tray with 2 cup holders
  • Extremely easy to push


  • Canopy doesn’t fully cover the chair

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Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

This comfortable and agile stroller is one of the highest-reviewed strollers on Amazon. This Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller is small, easy to use, and really compact, which will be a great purchase for you and your baby. If you are looking for quality, this is the best stroller for your family.

This stroller is equipped with a reflexive surface that will make it visible during the night. Also, this stroller is fully adjustable and really easy to handle. It has pneumatic tires for all three alloy rims and also, the tires have a quick and easy release. The wheels in the back have special lockable treads and suspensions, for more comfort and safety. Each of the stroller’s wheels has special springs for a smoother, better ride, and also, the frame of this product is made of aluminum.
Easy to fold, secure and comfortable, the Zoom360 can be a great choice for anyone. It has a big, high seat for the better viewing of the child and an extra-large canopy for sunny and windy days. Also, the stroller is equipped with a running leash, a tire pump, and an organizer for the parents. You can care for anything you need because the stroller has an oversized storage compartment and a special basket. It also has a cup holder and the handlers are covered in rubber, for better handling of the stroller. This product weighs 26.8 pounds and its dimensions are 50 x 25 x 45 inches.


  • Extra-wide seat that offers multiple positions
  • All 3 wheels are quick release
  • The easiest stroller we have found to fold up
  • Comes with a running lead and tire pump


  • The tire pump is exhausting to use
Latest deal: Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

Our Final Verdict on Jogging Strollers

These were 3 of the top jogging strollers for babies available which are really worth it. Don’t forget to be really informed before buying a stroller and also, you need to compare the products because this way you will find the perfect stroller much easy. Be patient and really careful and at the end of the day, you will see that your new best lightweight jogging stroller will definitely be an important part of the family.
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