JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller [Review]


  • Most lightweight stroller ever.
  • The seat can be adjusted easily for every position.
  • Peak-a-boo window built into the canopy
  • 2 cup holders and a zipped storage pocket

Joovy Ultralight Stroller comes with an ultra-lightweight and perfect design that makes it perfect for busy parents. The overall weight of this stroller is not more than 14 pounds and its premium features position it apart from the other strollers on the market. The seat of this stroller is larger as compared to other strollers of this category and children of a larger size and heavyweight can easily relax in it. A large size basket is also installed on the back of this stroller so you can keep your belongings easily in it. An easy to use carry strap of this stroller makes it easy for the users to carry this stroller along with them.


Most Lightweight Stroller Ever – Even this stroller has a large sitting capacity, a carry strap, a flimsy umbrella, and many other features, but still, it has very lightweight. One can easily carry it in their hands. Moreover, this lightweight makes it more comfortable for the users to use it. No other stroller is available in the market that can compete with this extraordinary and lightweight stroller.

Sturdy Construction – Lightweight aluminum is used while the construction of this stroller. The hinges of this stroller are non-pinched which provides extra support and firmness. A child up to 55 lbs can sit easily without affecting or damaging the stroller. There are many other strollers that can be damaged but this stroller does not even flex inwards due to its sturdy construction.

Fully Equipped Canopy – The canopy of this stroller is perfect in its particular class. More protection is provided as compared to the canopy of other strollers. Along with the canopy, a sun visor is present that covers the entire seating area so the child remains safe from harmful sun rays. A peek-a-boo window is present through which you can easily keep an eye on your little child. You can also buy a rain cover along with this stroller so your child remains safe from rain.

Seat Recline – A child of 3 months or more can easily sit in this stroller. You can adjust the seat of this stroller according to the need of time. Your child will remain comfortable as the position of the seat can be changed according to his or her needs. A footrest is also included that allows the child to relax his feet while sleeping.

Wheels with Suspension – The suspension is installed in all 4 wheels that make it possible to make the ride more comfortable and smoother even on uneven surfaces.

Storage Space and Easy to Carry – A back basket is installed that makes it easy for the users to keep their belongings like toys in that basket. In just two simple steps you can fold this stroller and make it very compact that allows users to carry it along with them.

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