Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller [Review]


  • It has extra space for larger size children.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Very durable and safe to use.
  • Extra-large storage basket

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is one of the best and durable strollers that come with a very stylish and attractive look. The frame of this stroller is made up of aluminum which increases its style and makes it more durable. If you want to carry this stroller along with you, it can be folded easily and packed into a small one so you can carry it without any kind of problem. Front wheels are anti-shock that makes it more comfortable for your baby and rear wheels come with a break, so you can use that break while parking your stroller somewhere.


Larger Seat Area – This Stroller comes with a larger seat area in which you can let your child of up to 12-14 pounds easily sit. The inner side of the stroller is made with very soft and comfortable materials to provide extra comfort to the child using it.

Durable and Safe – The aluminum frame of this stroller makes it way durable than other strollers available in the market. This stroller has a 4 position recline along with 5 points safety harness that makes this stroller safe and secure for the child who is sitting in it. Over this stroller can be used for a very long period due to its durable and stronger construction.

Better Wheels – Both, front and rear wheels of this stroller are modified to provide more comfort. Front wheels come with an anti-shock feature that resists the shocks due to rough roads or streets. All shocks are faced by anti-shock front wheels and the child sitting stroller remains comfortable and easy. Apart from anti-shock wheels, rear wheels come with an anti-lock system that allows you to lock rear wheels while parking your stroller.

Sun Visor and Canopy – This stroller has a removable and adjustable canopy that can be adjusted according to the demand of time. However, in case you want to make your stroller lighter, you can easily remove the canopy. If you are taking your child out in the stroller and it is a sunny day, you can use the sun visor for making your child protected from harmful sun rays.

Storage – A storage pocket is installed at the back of the stroller in which you can keep your accessories like sunglasses or milk packs. Along with the storage pocket, there is a storage basket in which you can keep your groceries after shopping.

Easy to Take-Away – This stroller can easily be folded and carried away. After folding, it becomes very compact and you can easily fit it on the back seat of your car. A carry strap of this stroller allows users to carry it in their hands without any problem. Auto-lock system locks it when you fold and pack it.

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