Last Updated on January 17, 2021
Who’s behind Lightweight Stroller Judge?

Lightweight stroller judge is a review site that creates exceptional content about strollers. From product reviews to deep research in our buying guides, lightweight stroller judge is the go-to source if you’re looking to find the right products for your little one.

We’re a collective of reviewers that strive to achieve delivering the best of the best when it comes to strollers and baby products. New mothers are always in need of the most accurate information, which is why our editor’s research products for hours at a time to get the best results when our readers are purchasing products we review and recommend.

As a team of busy moms are behind the workings of Stroller Judge, we are always on a mission to provide detailed buyers guides and extremely well-produced product reviews to offer the most up to date feedback. With our action plan in mind, we know that Stroller Judge is the go-to resource in the world for anything to do with strollers.

Usually, our team focus on important features such as price, quality, pros, overall design, and durability. Some of the items that we review go under a full stress test to make sure our opinions and verdicts are completely unbiased. Our team has been pushing strollers collectively for over 50 years, so we know a thing or 2 about what makes a stroller great.

We are extremely passionate about covering all areas, so if you think we have missed something, please get in touch with our editorial team below to recommend anything that we missed. We are all ears!

Meet Our Editors
Karyn Allen

Karyn Allen

Stroller Review Expert


Karyn has 4 kids of her own and has dealt with everything from the latest tech to mum hacks. When it comes to finding the right tools for the job, Karyn is your girl. She has spent countless hours behind strollers and she is your go-to source for finding the perfect throne-with-wheels for your little one.